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Fucking shit, people. Seriously.

GOD. I'm so fucking sick of hearing people complain about how my character Nadia looks so manly. Yeah. She's got a strong chin. FUCK YES. She has a strong nose. Seriously. Get. The Fuck. Over it. I'm not going to make her your stereotypical air-head-looking-beauty-pageant-queen-whoring little bitch people love to draw when it comes to characters who are supposed to KILL for a mother fucking living. I'm sure if I placed a pretty-haired borderline breast formaion looking guy, no one would bitch about that. Why? WHY? Why is there such an obsession with 'bishounen' looking men? Is it because they don't look intimidating? They look weak and pathetic and our society is so fixated and okay with that because it means someone's losing some form of power? Well shit. I'm so sick of that kind of bullshit reasoning. She's a woman. She looks like she can kick your mother fucking ass. ANd shit. That's not going to change any time soon

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